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Lessons include help from a Professional Photographer / Professor and are accessed on line using an ID and password which is received after your purchase.

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Basic Lessons Package
* Visual Basics
* Camera Basics
* Understanding Light
* Digital Facts and Techniques
* Retouching Your Photographs
* How to shoot Nature Photographs
* Darkroom Processes

Intermediate Lessons Package
* Photo Journalistic Methods
* Sell Your Images as Stock Photos
* Photographic Legal Forms
* Photographic Invoices
* Sell your images as Fine Art
* Shooting like a Travel Photographer
* How to Build a Powerful Portfolio

Advanced Lessons Package
* Building a Professional Photo Studio
* How to Photograph People
* Shooting for Product Advertising
* How to Photograph Architectural Spaces
* Shooting a Still Life
* How to Sell Your Photographs
* How to Market Your Photography

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Photography Lesson List

Here is the list of lessons you will need to get started in the field of photography. The lessons are designed to get straight to the point and get you shooting today.

Pick the appropriate lesson set below depending on your skill. Or choose one of the three packages below which include several lesson sets. To read more about each lesson set click the titles in blue. All lessons are accessed on line using an ID and password. Email help is avaliable from the professor after purchase.



Basic Lessons

These lessons are for beginners. They cover the basics of photography like depth-of-field and film color balance, as well as how to see visually to create strong images that will sell.

Intermediate Lessons

These lessons are for photographers at an intermediate level of the learning process and assume that you know photography basics. Details about lighting, retouching, and the business side of photography take you to the next level in mastering your career in photography.

Advanced Lessons

This package is for an advanced photographer or someone who has mastered the Basics and Intermediate packages. In this package, you will learn how to become a highly paid professional photographer and do what they do best ~ which is, create and shoot masterpieces.

Visual Basics:
Contains 6 different lessons


Photo Journalistic Methods:
Contains 5 different lessons
Telling a Story
Speed and Mobility
Make the Viewer Question
Stop and Shoot
Creating a Message


Building a Professional Photo Studio:
Contains 6 different lessons
Build a Light table
Build a Wall Sweep
Build a Scrim, White Tent, and
Soft Box
Build a Studio Flat-Reflector
Build a Background/ Table Top


Camera Basics:
Contains 6 different lessons
Depth of Field
Exposure & Film
Color Balance and Film
Camera Types & Tripods


Sell Your Images as Stock Photos:
Contains 4 different lessons
Making Great Stock photography
Making a Master List
Stock Agencies
What is your Image Worth


How to Photograph People:
Contains 6 different lessons
Photographing Children
Emotional Power Portrait
Environmental Portrait
Using Perspective to shoot a Portrait
Creating a sullen emotion
Staging People

Understanding Light:
Contains 6 different lessons
Flash & Studio strobes
Direct light
Diffused Light
Silhouette or Back Lighting
Lighting Shiny Objects
Direct -Diffused Lighting


Photographic Legal Forms:
Contains 5 different lessons
Adult Release Form
Property Release Form
Minor Release Form
Animal Release Form
Delivery Memo Form

Shooting for Product Advertising:
Contains 7 different lessons
Lighting Multiple Glass Products
Using Props with Products
Multiple Exposures
Making Reflections Work for You
Using a Product for a Background
Floating a product
Boring products made interesting


Digital Facts and Techniques:
Contains 6 different lessons
Bald Sky Fix
Making a Collage using Masks
Removing Color Casts
Silhouetting a Background
Digital Resolution/dpi and File Formats


Photographic Invoices:
Contains 4 different lessons
Detailed Photographic Invoice
Photographic Invoice/Estimate
Simple Photographic Quote
Photographic/Designer Invoice


How to Photograph Architectural Spaces:
Contains 6 different lessons
Exterior Commercial
Exterior Residential
Interior Commercial
Mixing Different Lights Bathroom w/ Mirrors
Dining Room Multiple Strobes
Conservatory/ Daylight and Strobes


Retouching Your Photographs:
Contains 7 different lessons
Retouching black and white/Spotone
Retouching with Pencil
Retouching with Oils
Retouching with Pastels
Retouching with Photo Water Colors
Retouching with Magic Markers
Digital Retouching


Sell your Images as Fine Art:
Contains 5 different lessons
Matting an Image
Putting your Show Together
The Gallery Scene
Publicity / Press Releases
Follow-up Marketing


Shooting a Still Life:
Contains 6 different lessons
Mixing Texture, Shapes and Color
Arranging a Set
Photographing Beautiful Glass
Messages in a Still Life
Creating a Mood
Still Life's Selling Products


How to Shoot Nature Photographs:
Contains 6 different lessons
Balance in your Image
Mixing Colors and Textures
Sand and Texture
Getting Great Color Saturation
Shooting Details in Nature
Making Single Elements stand out


Shooting like a Travel Photographer:
Contains 6 different lessons
Equipment for a Travel Photographer
Film and Filters
The kinds of things to Shoot
Planning your Trip
Honing-up your travel shooting skills
What to look for when scouting a scene


How to Sell Your Photographs:
Contains 6 different lessons
How to Make them Want More
How to Sell Yourself
Money, Deadlines and Reshoots
Portfolio Receipt
Portfolio Postcard/Return Mailer
Portfolio Questionnaire


Darkroom Processes:
Contains 6 different lessons
Exterior Commercial
Exterior Residential
Interior Commercial
Shooting a Conservatory
Dining Room/ Multiple Exposures
Bathroom with Many Mirrors


Preparing Your Portfolio:
Contains 5 different lessons
Developing a Great Book
Arranging your Images
Editing your Images
Showing your Book
Sample Books


Marketing Your Photography:
Contains 7 different lessons
Finding Clients
Who Buys Photography
Cost Effective Advertising
Planning Your Advertising
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3


Special Techniques:
Contains 10 different lessons
Zoom Technique
Panning Technique
Pinhole Photography
Slow-Sync Flash Technique
Soft Focus Effects
Cross-Color Processing
Pushing Film
Reverse Printing
Exaggerated Perspective
Collage Techniques



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