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Lessons include help from a Professional Photographer / Professor and are accessed on line using an ID and password which is received after your purchase.

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Basic Lessons Package
* Visual Basics
* Camera Basics
* Understanding Light
* Digital Facts and Techniques
* Retouching Your Photographs
* How to shoot Nature Photographs
* Darkroom Processes

Intermediate Lessons Package
* Photo Journalistic Methods
* Sell Your Images as Stock Photos
* Photographic Legal Forms
* Photographic Invoices
* Sell your images as Fine Art
* Shooting like a Travel Photographer
* How to Build a Powerful Portfolio

Advanced Lessons Package
* Building a Professional Photo Studio
* How to Photograph People
* Shooting for Product Advertising
* How to Photograph Architectural Spaces
* Shooting a Still Life
* How to Sell Your Photographs
* How to Market Your Photography

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Lessons designed to teach you the command of photography.

Learn architectural photography Learn still life photography Learn people photography Learn nature photography Learn product photography

The Tips and Tricks in this site will lead you into the creative field of professional photography. I earned a degree in Photographic Illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology 20 years ago. Recently I gave up a professor position at a university in New Jersey to devote my full attention to this web site and its demands. I have been using cameras to share and express the world around me since 1974. Using "Photography Tips and Tricks", I will teach these successful techniques that I taught at the university for several years. Presenting strong visuals, the lessons will come to life with clear explanations.

"Photography Tips and Tricks" will take you through the basic fundamentals of photography to the more complicated techniques practiced by the pros. You won't need to learn how to use a densitometry or understand complicated logarithms in order to earn a great income taking photographs. Instead of buying several books that can be overly detailed, "Photography Tips and Tricks" will cut to the chase and give clear-cut descriptions to get you up and running today. The lessons are visually based, no long drawn out explanations. The lessons are packed with images.

The decisive difference in this web site is....................
After you have purchased the lessons in a specific section you may have a question pertaining to what you have learned in the lesson. Each lesson is fully supported by one on one help including responses to any questions you have relative to the lessons you have purchased. At the bottom of every lesson page you will find a link button that looks like this: Click on that button and ask your question - it's that simple. Your questions are answered typically with in 48 hours.

The lessons are quite affordable. You can buy specific levels of expertise; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Trying out one reasonably priced level at a time gives you a taste of the teaching style. Once you see how easy the lessons are to follow and learn you will want to purchase all of the remaining levels. Click here to see the lesson list now.

1. You need to know how to control your equipment to take great photographs.
2. You need to know who will buy your photographs and why they will buy your photographs.
3. You need to know how to sell your photographs.

For a fraction of the cost of a formal education in this field, you can be up and running and making a serious income before you would have even completed your first year at school. Already have your degree but are struggling alone as a pro? These tips will put you into high gear. Focus on the areas that you need help in or refresh your photography knowledge.

These lessons are designed to get you started, today! Simple, direct and to the point, there is no need for long, textbook instructions. If there is any prerequisite knowledge required, I will point out what it is you need to get you started in the right direction. Go to our lesson list page now to view all of the lessons at a glance and get a view into the tools that will get you started into the life you dream about as a photographer.

Professor Heinrich

Photographic Studio Lighting

Photographic Still Life Images

Photographic Jurnalism

Photographic Interior Architectural

Photographing People

Photographic Travel Images


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