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Basic Lessons Package
* Visual Basics
* Camera Basics
* Understanding Light
* Digital Facts and Techniques
* Retouching Your Photographs
* How to shoot Nature Photographs
* Darkroom Processes

Intermediate Lessons Package
* Photo Journalistic Methods
* Sell Your Images as Stock Photos
* Photographic Legal Forms
* Photographic Invoices
* Sell your images as Fine Art
* Shooting like a Travel Photographer
* How to Build a Powerful Portfolio

Advanced Lessons Package
* Building a Professional Photo Studio
* How to Photograph People
* Shooting for Product Advertising
* How to Photograph Architectural Spaces
* Shooting a Still Life
* How to Sell Your Photographs
* How to Market Your Photography

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Selling your Photographs

Lessons in this Section:
How to Make Them Want More
How to Hire a Rep
How to Sell Yourself
Money, Deadlines, Reshoots and Copyrights
Portfolio Receipt Form
Portfolio Questionnaire
Portfolio Postcard

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Selling your photographs can be as difficult or as easy as you choose to make it. There are several ways to go about it. One way is to hire a representative. This person takes your book around for you and works on a percentage. They do the legwork and the selling, freeing-up your time to shoot and do what you do best.

Some clients want to meet the photographer and establish a personal rapport with them so showing your book in person may be the thing to do. It really depends on how much time you have. When your career is in its infancy, selling yourself may be best. This way you will get to know the personality of the clients as well as how the inside of an agency works. There can be situations where art directors that get comfortable with one photographer are hard pressed to turn to someone new. Persistence is the best medicine here. Keep doing great work and sending samples to perspective clients frequently.

Your fees will be based on the market or what others are charging in your area. Call around and ask questions. Someone who has been in business a long time will be able to charge more than you. Maintain a professional level of expertise and you will be able to charge more. Print up business cards that have a real professional appeal. Hire a designer, if need be. And always use invoices, they will add to your professionalism. See the invoice lesons for samples. Advertise and choose appropriate ad placements that are the most cost effective. See the marketing chapter for samples.

In this section we will learn what to say and what not to say. Several ideas are included on how to approach a potential client and sell your work. Use this section in conjunction with the marketing lessons for greater success.

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How to Make Them Want More
How to Hire a Rep
How to Sell Yourself
Money, Deadlines, Reshoots and Copyrights
Portfolio Receipt Form
Portfolio Questionnaire
Portfolio Postcard


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